Aspen Clinical Research is a leading clinical research Phase I-IV research center located in Orem Utah. We diversify our therapeutic areas by employing highly skilled and experienced physicians in a variety of specialties. Aspen Research's specialties in medicine range from Psychiatric medicine, Endocrinology, Acute and Chronic Pain Management, Oncology, Cardiovascular medicine, Internal medicine, Family practice, Plastic surgery, Podiatry, Infectious diseases, Pulmonology, Pediatric Medicine, Physiatry, Emergency Medicine, and Oral Maxillofacial surgery.

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Beneficial Medical Management Services (BMMS) is an employee leasing company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of PickMeUp Services Corp, which consists of various divisions. Each division has an employee management agreement with BMMS. For certain purposes (payroll, benefits, etc)* the employee may be considered a Beneficial Medical Management Services employee.

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Kensington Services specializes in servicing the long term care and hospice industries with specialized DME equipment and service. Kensington has consulted and designed several large occupational and rehabilitation service facilities including reengineering an entire ICMF elementary school for classroom, water therapy, and physical/occupational therapy hands free caregiver overhead lift system.

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PickMeUp Medical Transport is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company that services the health care field and individuals that require specialized transportation by wheelchair,stretcher, or assisted taxi services, for ambulatory patrons. PickMeUp's Call Center operators/dispatchers have a state-of-the-art phone and scheduling software system. PMUMS uses a real time scheduling software system for accuracy and punctuality. Every patron that PickMeUp services receives our caring pillow to pillow service. Each driver/care attendant for PickMeUp has undergone background screening, passed a Defensive Driving course, drug tested, class and on-job training and are taught sensitivity training. All of our driver/care attendants are trained in the caring of people, so that each patron transported has the peace of mind in knowing that they have the most dependable, knowledgeable and caring non-emergency services available.

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Pinnacle Hospice was founded to care for loved ones whose lives had reached their Pinnacles. We are dedicated to providing the best "End of life care" services available. In your home or wherever you may call home, Pinnacle Hospice will provide the best care and assistance for you and your loved ones. With over 35 years of Hospice focused experience. Our hospice team is lead by a board certified Pallative Care Physician and Hospice certified Registered Nurses.

Address: 5495 South 500 East #100 Ogden, UT. 84405 Email: Phone: 866-441-4558 Fax: 801-705-5501